Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AP 31- Sushi


My first post here on the new website! So exciting! Anywho- today I went out with Hina. I promised her earlier that I would get her a haircut. Before then, however, I found a beautiful pineapple shaped Ukulele for 44 dollars american (Which is, a little under a third of the price, if you don't count shipping.) so I splurged and purchased it. Hina came over, then I took her to get her hair cut, which cost me 23 bucks, then to the store to get myself a bus pass- Bought 7 dollars worth of snacks and 70 dollars for a bus pass. Then it was on to dinner. I had gone by this place a couple of times called "Sushi Twister" here in Las Vegas, and it was pretty amazing. It was 22 bucks for each of us, and we had forty five minutes to eat as much sushi as we could. We ate a spiderman roll (which was soft shell crab and shrimp), fried Shrimp in tempera, a Phillidelphia roll, and then we got something called the "Magic Mountain". it was fried crab and cream cheese in a tempora shell. It was so good. We also finished with Mochi ice cream, which I inhaled and got a huge headache.

So, on that note. I will be having a stream in a half hour to work on things for friends, because I didn't stream earlier. You should come join me.

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