FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
Please refer here if you have any questions about American Punk, The Drafting Table, or Reb and her friends!

Q: What is American Punk about?!
A: American Punk is an autobiographical comic following Reb (the Green husky, her name is really Amber) and her day to day adventures working at Lowe's, trying to go back to school, listening to punk music, and being madly in love. It updates Monday Wednesday and Friday (that is if Reb can ever get used to a schedual)

Q: Is this a furry comic? Will there be yiff?!
A: Yes, and I use the term loosely. This is a "furry comic" as in the cast is four animal people. There will not be any yiff (furry sex) or pornographic scenes. We will not be running around at conventions, we do not bark, squeek, or growl in RL, and we certainly know we are not animals.

Q: Then why draw yourselves as animals at all?
A: for one, I don't want to draw anything close to my likeness, I like the anonymity. Secondly, I identify with a dog, Mort, his wolf. Hina likes her purple squirrel, and Sam has been dubbed a bear by me and Hina. I just draw us like this because I find it fun, not because it turns me on or makes me hot- I just like drawing animal people :I

A: Because some days I'm a lazy fuck. Deal with it.

Q: How's the best way to contact you?
A: The best way would probably be on my Deviantart- http://backwardstwin2.deviantart.com
if that is not ideal, you can email me on yahoo at Aranthony2008@yahoo.com

 If you have any questions that you would like to see here, you can send them to me on Deviantart as a PM, or to my email ARAnthony2008@yahoo.com