Faces of American Punk

Name: Reb
Age: 21
Nationality: American
Bio: Reb would like to use words like "Quiet" and "Ladylike" to describe herself in this small bio, but her mother told her not to lie. She's into video games, punk music, swearing, drinking, and all around having a good time. She loves to try new things, and works hard at what she does. She is also completely friend oriented, and will do anything she can to help someone out. She's also madly in love with Mort. But that isn't a big secret. (she talks about it whenever she can.)

Name: Hina
Age: 21
Nationality: American
Bio: Hina is Reb's older twin sister. She's loves to play the ukulele, sing, and draw. She is loyal, and can be a bit too hard on herself on times. but We all still love her. She is finishing school right now to be a kinder garden teacher, which she has wanted to do since she was in kinder garden. Madly in love with Sam, and always random, she is the best sister anyone can ask for.

Name: Mort
Age: 24
Nationality: Australian
Bio: Queenslander Native, Mort is multitalented. Hard working, artistic, audiophile. You name it, Mort's probably taken interest in it. Active wolf who loves to ski and party hard. Very akin to his animal, the wolf, Mort is loyal, hard working, and about his pack. He came to America for a vacation, where him and Reb fell in love, and has been trying to get back ever since. Completely patriotic and has a heart just like the old diggers (soldiers, servicemen) of his country.)

Name: Sam
Age: 32
Nationality: American
Bio: A bear who is more fun then a barrel of monkeys, Sam is the life of the party. He is a liscensed mixologist that takes interests in things like writing (he wrote for a paper once), Art, reading, and is trying to teach himself to play the bass (it's kind of slow going.) He's always full of good advice and looks out for his friends. Hard working, and overcomes a lot of problems with grace, Sam is someone you'd always want in your corner.