Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AP 48- Snickerdoodle


Last night was my only day off the whole week. and I spent it doing chores around the house. I cleaned my kitchen and dining room, played some Super Mario RPG, knitted a little bit, and then it hit me. 


I haven't baked since Christmas, and a lot of my supplies was still fine. So I then began my work. Only to find that my mother had used the rest of the eggs to make french toast that morning! D8

I was going to walk myself to the store, but then my stepdad gave me a lift and I baked amazing snickerdoodles.

It was a good night.

Oh we are quickly coming up on my fiftieth comic. Friday will be a normal comic and then Monday we will have a nice new celebratory drawing, featurning Reb (me) Hina, Sam, and Mort :D I'll see you all Friday


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