Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome back, Reb!


It's been a while hasn't it? Well... I suppose, you all deserve an explanation.I was going to do a really long AP about it, but fuck it, tonight I'm just going to start again- updating both here and my Blogspot- the Drafting Table.
Here's what's gone down for the past couple of months-

-Became a Waterer at Lowe's- I really enjoyed it, and wanted to stay out there all the time- I even learned a lot about plants!
-Ran my foot over with a pallet jack- This sucked, I had to clean up all the little fittings in plumbing for a week because the doctors wanted me to stay off of it. I made a speedy recovery though
-Fell Madly in love with my friend Mort ((Http:// He is my moon, my stars, my muse. Which is kinda why I stopped drawing, I just felt like a canary when he left- I didn't want to sing or draw without him here
-Lost my best friend (part one)- Because she was hanging off of me all the time, I felt... insecure, and messed up our friendship.
-Started to become stressed at work- They would make me be a cashier all the time, so it worried me
-Started going out drinking with some of my coworkers- this was probably the best time of my time at Lowe's. I really REALLY miss doing this
-Began to get panic attacks- I thought these were just heat stroke, I was wrong
-Lost my best friend (part two)- Where a secret got out that she didn't want out, and now she doesn't talk to me any more. If she's reading this, I still wish her the best.
-Went to the doctors- Found out I have panic attacks, told me I should go on medication
-Became a Cashier again- The 100$ more a paycheck didn't seem worth my mental health, so I decided to go back to being a cashier.

And this is where I am now. I don't know what I'm going to do about American Punk yet. I really want to keep going- And I see no reason not to. So for now. The hiatus is over. I will start again tonight with just a sketch, and Monday back in our usual style.
I apologize for the radio silence :3 See you all soon


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